Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Change of interest

I'm not good in writing but I want to be a writer lol and I want to keep this blog account as long  as I'm here in this world. 

Anyway I been busy lately. I'm busy searching how can I improve my skills in craft and and Im busy building my on-line business. I plan to earn extra money kase I plan to save for my future. Gusto ko kase by the age of 40 hindi na ako nag tra-trabaho gusto ko by that time when I reach the age of 40 hawak ko na yung oras ko. 

I don't know basta when I reach that age I am no longer an employee.  For me its important that you have a plan for yourself where your life should be when you get older. I learn how to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I learn to recognize where my time and effort is best spent. 

To make these things happen you need to be PROACTIVE and very HONEST with yourself. 
I always said this to myself if you want something or want to achieve in your life you need to make it happen no matter what. 

have a nice start of the week everyone!

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