Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things About Me

I love to read blogs I love listening music
I love to dress
I love to paint
I love to put make up on me
I love the two man in my life Enzo and Alvin
I love watching movies
I love beaches
I love dogs, birds, butterflies and dolphins 
I love to eat food esp. pasta
I love to photograph

I want to travel around the world
I want to learn how to bake cakes and cupcakes
I want to own a car and a white house with a pool
I want to own a DSLR ^_^

My friends call me Anya, I work as QA Engineer in a Web Marketing company here in Manila. I live with my 2 boys Alvin my partner and Enzo my 6 years old son ♥ we are happy together in our little home sweet home. As of now I am happy and comfortable with my life, i am starting to have a new friends in my new job.

I create this blog to share something i learn in my daily life, I hope you will love this simple blog that I have.

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