Sunday, June 26, 2011

NOTD Iced Mocha

I really love colours  
These are my new polishes
I bought this last Thursday at Watson

CORONIA nail polish (Frosted) 8ml/ Price: P32 each
#1  Sweet surprise
#3 Orange Pop
#4  Golden Sun
#5  Blue Chill
#7 Goddess
CORONIA nail polish (Regular) 8ml/Price: P30 each
#6  On the Go
#2  Sun Kissed
CORONIA nail care 15ml/Price: P43
#8  Fast-Dry top coat

My new Collection
#9 Sassy colors nail polish (Frosted) 7ml/Price: 18.50
Color: Iced Mocha (i super love the color super classy)
#10 CHIC nail color 10ml/ Price: P32
Color: Neon Blue
#11 Ever Bilena nail color 14ml/ Price: P38
Color: Blueberry
#13 My Posh nail polish 7ml/ Price: P16
Color: Colorless
#12  My Posh nail polish 7ml/ Price: P16
Color: Pussy Red
#14  Cool girl nail art tool 5pcs/Price:199.95  


Lisa said...

ohh your nail color is so pretty!! :)

BeautifulSoul said...

@Lisa ♥thank you♥

nana said...

those are really nice colours! iv never heard of any of them :-)

Catmare said...

Love the colors. I have the same caronia one in #3. :D

btw, you might want to join my Sigma giveaway! :)

BeautifulSoul said...

@ Catmare sure ill join..