Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beauty Routine and products i used

Because I’m a girl I have an obligation to take care of myself

These are products’ I usually used.
Google Picture by chuvaness

Silka Moisturizing Milk Lotion

I wash my hair everyday.
I used conditioner everyday
Shampoo my hair for 2 to 3 times a week.

Product I Used: OPAL deep repairing 
Reason why ILOVE OPAL?
it lessen the hair fall

Product I used: L’Oreal Shampoo
Reason why ILOVE L’ Oreal Shampoo?
- The fragrance
- Price Php57

Product I used: Cethaphil (Gentle skin cleanser) I used this in the morning
Reason Why I love Cethaphil?
1. Good for sensitive skin
2. ph balanced dermatologist recommended, fragrance free and non-
-comedogenic. Im not a beauty expert but i think i need to balance the product I use for my face.
Surprise 2 bars inside the box for only P50 ($1)
Product I used: Kojie San
Reason why ILOVE Kojie San?
- Its very effective I promise it does whiten my skin. I only used this for my face.
- It dried my pimple faster
- It get rid of my pimple faster
- It has antioxidant properties
- Inexpensive P50 you can purchase this at Mercury and Watson

Product I used: Olay Natural white as my moisturizer
Reasons why ILOVE Olay Natural white?
1. Its perfect for my morena skin
2. It lightens my skin 

my make up base
Product I used: Careline oil control liquid Make up
My shade: Softbisque
Reasons why ILOVE the Careline Oil control Liquid Make up?
* Good for sensitive skin
* Its not sticky
* It has a good effect for morena skin tone it blend to your color
* Affordable I bought this for Php80  at watson and SM Department store

Product I used: Nichido Press Powder
Shade I used: Tropical
Price: Php100 
Why I love this?
- It has a matte finished result
- Avoids my skin from being oily

Product I used : E.L.F eye shadow
My shade : Natural #00722

Product Name: Nichido Juicy lip
Color/Shade: Apple Cider
Price: P90+
Reasons why ILOVE Nichido Juicy lip?
- I love the nude effect
- It has a lip moisturizer

pic from google

Product I used: Born Lippy Raspberry Lip balm from The body Shop
Reason why I love this Lip balm!
- I love the raspberry fragrance
- It softens my lips
- This is my birthday present from a friend so love it.

Product I used :Shawill 
Color/Shade : 
Price: Php99 only
Reasons why ILOVE Nichido Juicy lip!
- it has UVA/UVB Protection
- Look good on me especially if you are morena 
- I love the packaging 

This is my look for today!
That’s all for now
How about you?
What are you using for your beauty routine?
What Cheapest product do you have?
Till here for now my Friend! ^_^


Lisa said...

thanks for showing us your beauty and makeup routine!!

i think you look pretty both with and without makeup!!

BeautifulSoul said...

thank you ^_^ and thank you for your time i really appreciate it.